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 Criswell  Investigation Agency is a full service private investigation firm.  Donald Criswell has a comprehensive investigative background in the  public and private sectors. A recognized authority in this field, he's  trained hundreds of investigators throughout the country in successful,  legal techniques. 

We're Here For You


Associate  investigators are trained and skilled in their areas of expertise. This  provides the Criswell Investigation Agency with competent, versatile  staff which takes pride in quality proficiency.  

​We specialize in criminal, civil, local, national and international investigations. Emergency service is also available. 

Serving​ individuals, Corporations, Law Firms, Non-Profits worldwide.

Expert investigation of Civil and Criminal cases of all types including:

  • State Courts
  • Federal Criminal Justice Act (CJA)
  • United Nations International Criminal Court Tribunals (ICC)

Anytime - Anywhere

 We  are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The languages of our staff of  skilled interpreters include: Bosnian, Serbo-Croatian, Vietnamese,  Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian,  Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian and Spanish.  

Staff specialize in the following:

Criminal Investigations


  • Federal Criminal Justice Act (CJA) and United Nations Tribunal (ICTY)
  • Expert investigation of criminal cases of all types, including major felonies
  • Analysis of cases
  • Preparation for trial
  • Expert testimony in court
  • Identify, locate and interview witnesses​
  • Nationwide criminal history 
  • Internal theft and fraud investigaions
  • Instruction in drug awareness, detection
  • Bilingual interviews

Civil Investigations


  • ​Expert investigation in civil cases of all types, including:

​          - Traffic accident

          - Personal Injury

          - Fraud and embezzlement

​          - Child custody

          - Workers' compensation

          - AOE/COE

  • Analysis of cases
  • Preparation for trial
  • Locate and interview witnesses
  • Photography / videography
  • Accident analysis & reconstruction
  • Map and diagram preparation
  • Expert witnesses 
  • Sub Rosa / Surveillance
  • Research cases

Business Corporate Investigations


  • Business history
  • Business intelligence reports
  • Business credit reports
  • Litigation history
  • Research on business principals
  • Bank account research
  • Product and marketing reports
  • Business asset research 
  • Business public filings (liens, judgments, bankruptcies)
  • Electronic debugging 
  • ​Bar spotting

Personal Security Services


  • Executive protection
  • Individual security
  • Corporate security consultation
  • Witness protection
  • Professional bodyguard service

Forensic Accounting


  • Financial investigations 
  • Business economic analysis
  • Business evaluation 
  • Loss prevention
  • Real estate asset analysis
  • Family law asset analysis​

Legal Services


  • ​Document retrieval
  • Process service
  • Court filing 
  • Facsimile service
  • Legal courier service
  • Tape recording transcriptions

Research Services


  • Skip tracing/Locating 
  • Pre-employment background checks
  • Asset searches
  • Employment histories
  • Consumer credit reports (liens, judgments, etc.)
  • Civil litigation records research
  • Real estate property research
  • Corporate records research

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Donald G. Criswell ​Private Investigator License 16442

Criswell Investigation Agency

P.O. Box 3103 Paradise, CA 95969

Phone:(530)872-5338 Fax:(530)872-5066
Toll-Free Telephone:(877)872-5338
International Telephone: 001 530 872 5338