Criswell Investigation Agency



You  have decided to retain me to serve as your private investigator. This  introductory note explains the professional experience and credentials  I'll apply to your case. 

  I  have a university education, including law and professional courses,  and hold a lifetime college teaching credential in Police Science.  Personal interests include reading, history, and outdoor sports;  particularly fishing, horses, hounds and hunting. I have extensive  owner-operator experience in ranching and private businesses. 

   My government investigative career was in the criminal justice sector.  I served as a non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Military Police  on military reservations, and Armed Forces Police Detachment in domestic  civil jurisdictions; and duty officer, team and platoon leader during  the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam.

   From 1969 to 1989, I was a member of the highly respected Palo Alto and  San Jose (California) Police Departments. Assignments included  intelligence specialist during great civil unrest; SWAT; supervising  security of Presidents, foreign and domestic dignitaries, political  candidates and corporate executives; and lead detective in missing  persons, robbery, sexual assault, organized crime, and homicide cases.

   As a college and state-certified police instructor, I've trained  hundreds of criminal justice personnel nationwide in investigative  techniques, sexual assault cases and victimology.

   Since 1989, I've been lead private investigator in dozens of large,  complex and high-profile cases, including Rico, death penalty, drug  diversion, domestic and international fraud, drug and money laundering  schemes, and United Nations tribunals. I have rare skill and ability in  foreign investigations, particularly Latin American, Carribean, and  European cases. 

   I take pride in maintaining good relationships with associate attorneys  and contributing to the needs of our corporate and individual clients.  Taking my duties very seriously, I believe that clients deserve my best  professional effort, and devote my considerable investigative resources  and experience to achieving their goals.